Automatic Train Supervision


  • Improved efficiency, lower cost and productivity
  • Modular system easy to customize
  • Faster scheduling
  • Maximize resources
  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide range of traffic control and management functions
  • Priority management of operational events
  • Optimize resources for train, track and manpower utilization
  • Lower life cycle costs with proven, industry-standard

ICONIS™ provides advanced supervisory solutions for train control requirements. Customized to match the requirements of individual applications, ICONIS addresses the needs of Mass Transit, Railways and Regional Mainline Railroad systems. ICONIS provides specialized modules for advanced scheduling functions, dark territory control, conflict detection/resolution, Time-Distance Graph, simulation, playback, and asset planning. ICONIS design is based on PC architecture using the Windows™ operating system. This open architecture results in systems that are flexible, modular, and cost effective. The modularity of ICONIS promotes distributed hardware control where any workstation may be used for supervisory control functions at any time. Operating over wide and local-area networks, railroads can distribute control functionality to improve resource utilization.