Positive Train Control

Alstom delivers robust PTC product solutions that can address applications
from switch point positioning to full location management facilitating
your efforts to meet the industry's PTC requirements.


The microWIU is Alstom's latest PTC development. A compact stand-alone vital Wayside Interface Unit where low-cost, scalable capability is required to monitor vital input sources and interoperate with the PTC network.

The microWIU's built-on color touch screen, ease of configuration, expanded communication capabilities, and the variety of management methods supported translate into a product whose flexibility is unparalleled.

As part of a comprehensive PTC Solution, Alstom introduces the 7R, the first Rail-Mounted Switch Circuit Controller.

The electromechanical unit is derived from the original 7K designs, but now includes improved features such as IP-67 frost-protected Limit Switches, Vibration Isolation mounts and new slender design profile that allows it to clamp on the rail base.