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CAAPE Installation and Startup Guide
CAAPE User's  Manual
MMS - Maintenance Management System Manual
Watcher Manual
  Additional VPI, VPI-II, and iVPI Tools Manuals

CAAPE - Computer Aided Application Programming Environment

  • Integrated Application Design,Compiling, Simulation, Verification and Configuration Management
  • Utilities for Printing Graphical Application Logic and Verifying File CRC's and Checksums
  • ADV Reconstructs Application Design from EPROM, reduction in Field Test time

The VPI Computer-Aided Application Programming Environment (CAAPE) is a comprehensive set of development tools for creating vital and non-vital applications. These tools are integrated together within a development environment for easy access and include graphical application building utilities, compilers for VPI vital and non-vital applications, vital Application Data Verifier (ADV) and Graphical Simulators.

MMS - Maintenance Management System

  • On Screen Control and Indication Panel is user configurable for Small or Large applications
  • Graphical Diagnostics with VPI Module View, decrease System Down Time
  • Recording Playback of all Time Stamped States, Diagnostic and Event Data
  • Built in Configuration Management for VPI Validation

The VPI MMS Maintenance Management System provides a single graphical framework for total system exploration of VPI including full local control panel capabilities, diagnostics monitoring with online help, vital and nonvital application logic troubleshooting and testing and interlocking maintenance scheduling.


  • Easy to Set Up - Decreases the Required Access time in the Field
  • Runtime View of Application Logic and Parameter States
  • Monitor, Record and Playback Multiple Parameters' States over time.

The Watcher Program is for use on a personal laptop computer that interfaces to an active VPI System to view vital and non-vital application variables' real time status during factory, field or post installation activities.