Interlocking Solutions

iVPI Overview Nov 13 1 MB

    P2521 A

 iVPI Installation, Operation, and Theory
 Nov 13  1 MB      P2521B V1
iVPI  Subrack   Nov 13  1 MB

P2521B V2

iVPI Vital Subsystem  Nov 13  1 MB

P2521B V3

iVPI Non-vital Subsystem  Nov 13  1 MB

P2521B V4

iVPI Maintenance and Troubleshooting   Nov 13 907 KB

P2521B V5

VPI-II, iVPI AlsDload
Nov 13 74 KB     
VPI-II, Data Logger
Mar 08
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iVPI, CAA Software Reference Guide
Jun 14 482 KB
CAAPE User's Manual Nov 13 1 MB


MMS - Maintenance Management System Manual Dec 13  1.6 MB


  • Track circuit functionality is integrated with interlocking in the same enclosure; ALSTOM's Genrakode III printed circuit board plugs directly into the iVPI chassis
  • Improved interconnectivity
  • Integrated primary diagnostics - indicators on each board
  • Consolidated boards, scalability and ease of maintenance
  • Trusted design core
ALSTOM is excited to introduce its new iVPI, the new standard for interlocking and block signaling.  The "i" represents the high degree of technological integration this solution offers.