Type SA-1 Searchlight Signal

  • Aspect-checking contacts directly operated by
  • counterweights
  • Slanted color discs minimize beam dilution
  • Choice of compound or stepped lens system
  • Available with 20-degree deflecting roundel or 30-degree Spredlite roundel
  • Wide choice of assemblies and wire entrance couplings
  • Precision filament lamp needs no refocusing when changing
  • Built-in sighting fixture
  • Built-in surge arrestor
  • Plug-in, cartridge-type, adjustable lamp resistor
  • Optional phankill unit reduces beam dilution

The Type SA-1 Searchlight Signal features an efficient electromagnetic structure, maximum back contact pressure, positive contact closure and precise colordisc positioning. This signal operates from battery or rectified AC-energy (8-12VDC).

The Type SA-1 Signal consists of a compact operating mechanism and a durable cast aluminum housing. The housing may be bracket mounted to the side or front of the signal mast, provided with a socket for mounting to the top of the mast or provided with a base mounting for a concrete foundation.

The Type SA-1 Signal projects three aspects through a single optical system: red, yellow and green. This system supplies a powerful light beam using minimal energy. The signal has been designed to be fail-safe; if power is interrupted, it automatically displays the most restrictive aspect.

The signal housing includes an 8.375" (21.3 cm) diameter lens, hood, ventilators, background, mounting bracket, base, or mounting socket. The unit's operating mechanism slides easily into place using a hanger and track system. Cams and locking pins ensure the mechanism remains in a secure, locked position.

All Type SA-1 Searchlight Signals are available with either a compound or stepped lens. The compound lens produces a longer-range light beam without the need for additional power. Outer roundels are available to spread or deflect the light beam for installations where the track curves. A phankill can also be supplied to minimize light beam dilution and prevent phantom signals caused by sunlight. Type SA-1 Mast-Mounted

High Signals consist of two major assemblies: signal heads complete with either an operative or inoperative mechanism, and mast assemblies complete with pinnacle, base, ladder, ladder foundation and platform.

Type SA-1 Dwarf Signals use one or two mechanisms. Optional equipment includes roundel and phankill assemblies, wire entrance couplings, conduit and adjustable lamp resistors.