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GM4000A Switch Machine Manual
GM4000A Switch Machine Product Introduction Brochure
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GM4000A - Product Design Improvements (Coming Soon)

The Industry Standard In Wayside Switch Machines

  • "Maintainer Friendly" – modular, easy to maintain
  • Low profile – well suited for mainline freight, commuter, and light rail applications
  • 4000 pounds of thrust – ideal for long turnouts and installations effected by debris, snow, and ice
  • Integral Latch Stand Module
  • New Point Detector Design - Easier Installation, Testing, & Maintenance
  • Solid State Electronic motor/controller
  • Field Configured for Single or Dual Control, Right or Left hand operation
  • Machine "Footprint" matches all industry standard layouts – direct replacement for GRS 5 letter and most other competitor machines
  • Competitively Priced

The NEW GM4000A™ Switch Machine incorporates all of the features required to meet today's interlocking demands. The machine is easy to specify, order, install and maintain. One model does it all! It's truly universal. There is no need to purchase different machines for different locations, because this unit is a drop-in replacement for any industry machine. Large inventories of spare parts are reduced because of the GM4000A™ Modularity Design Concept. The machine uses 50% fewer parts than traditional switch machines, and it is adaptable to nearly all site-specific requirements without having to make application or electrical changes.

Easy to Specify, Operate, Install and Maintain

With a low 8-3/4" profile, the GM4000A™ is especially well suited for applications with height restrictions. Having the capability to deliver more than 4,000 lbs. of thrust, this machine is an ideal solution for long turnouts, installations plagued by snow and ice or short turnouts with welded heal blocks. A maintenance-free, brushless servomotor eliminates worn brush replacements and the dynamic snubbing device. The machine's solid-state controller eliminates a mechanical clutch, provides universal power (85 to 160VAC or 13 to 160VDC), offers field-configurable control (2, 3, 4 or 5 wire), and has an integrated five-second overload protection which eliminates the need for overload relays.

The point-detection system indicates normal or reverse switch positions and breaks indication if a switch-point has moved away from the stock rail. This system also includes a mechanical Latch-Out functionality that can be customer configured (restoring, non-restoring or disabled). Field-obstruction testing and adjustments are simplified with the use of a spoon gauge. Floating of the lock rod for FRA monthly testing is no longer needed.