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Model 6 Yard Switch Machine Manual

Originally designed in the 1920's, ALSTOM's Model 6 Switch Machine has evolved to become the Industry Standard for Yard Machines. The model 6 has over 80 years of proven performance and is truly a trusted, versatile machine. The Model 6 Electric Switch Machine is designed for flat or gravity-type classification yards and industrial sidings.

  • High Speed Version (.6 sec) fastest available in industry
  • Exclusive Trailing Mechanism Eliminates Damage to Machine, Points and Fittings

The unit has ample power for throwing switches of large rail. The machine's mechanism is constructed so that it may be trailed without damaging the machine, switch points or fittings. The Model 6 is designed for power operation only, no means other than hand cranking being provided for manual operation. The switch machines operate using 110VAC or VDC. They are available in two operating speeds. The regular speed machine has an operating time of 1.25-seconds. And the high-speed machine has an operating speed of 0.6-seconds. All machines are supplied with heaters. They are installed in the motor and contact compartments. The heaters are 12 watts each at 110 volts; parallel connected. Model 6 switch machines are available with or without transformers, which, if required for clearance track circuit equipment, may be assembled in the contact compartment.