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Model 7R Switch Circuit Controller Manual 

As part of a comprehensive PTC Solution, Alstom introduces the first Rail-Mounted Switch Circuit Controller.  The electro-mechanical unit is derived from the original 7K designs, but now includes improved features such as IP-67 frost-protected Limit Switches, Vibration Isolation mounts, and a new slender design profile that allows it to clamp to the rail base.

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Model 7J/7K Switch Circuit Controller Manual

  • Rugged, Heavily Reinforced Case
  • Positive Action Contact Mechanism, Spring Contact Pressure, Withstands Vibration
  • Versatile; Left or Right hand Operation, Simultaneous or Progressive Operation of Contacts
  • Field Adjustable

The Model 7J/7K line of switch circuit controllers meets the rigorous demands of the rail industry – high sensitivity, reliability, and rugged strength to withstand great mechanical stress under a wide range of environmental conditions. The controller may be used to integrate the positions of various devices with suitable control circuits. Commonly used with switch machines to detect switch positions, Model 7 controllers can also detect the positions of derails, bridge locks, slide detectors, etc. They can shunt track circuits as well as control relay circuits. The arched cast-iron case provides great mechanical strength, eliminates projecting corners, and offers full access to all internal parts.