Track Circuits


Genrakode II User Manual
Genrakode II Test Unit Manual
Genrakode II Configuration Key

  • Reliable - No Safety Notices in over 15 years of operation
  • MTBF rating of 18.7 years
  • User Programmable
  • Integrated Data Logger
  • Elimination of Pole Lines and Relays
  • Advanced Diagnostics with Code T

The ALSTOM Genrakode II Track Circuit and Communications System is a family of microprocessor-based modules used for vital signal clearing and train detection, non-vital block indication, and nonvital initiation of signal tumble-down. Genrakode is a DC-coded, bidirectional system fully compatible with Electrocode™ IV. The Genrakode II CPU board, with Intelligent Diagnostics, a built-in Data Logger and point & click configuration, makes the Genrakode system a truly exceptional value.

This microprocessor-based system for train detection and cab signaling is ideal for all rail applications.  The flexible, cost-effective system allows for eliminating pole lines and relays and adding signaling to dark territory.