Spare Parts Catalog

The Spare Parts Catalog is an on-line customer support application that provides a convenient, simple and cost-effective way to obtain Spare Parts Information and Request for Quotes.

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Today you can find a listing of parts from switch products that have shown high demand, but we will continuously add parts and assemblies to make this a complete and helpful source.

Coming Soon!
  • Signals
  • Interlocking

Request for Quote (RFQ)
Are you interested in placing an order but need a quote first? While you browse our Spare Parts Catalog and find a part you need, just add it to the Cart and send us a RFQ

Fast and Easy Access to the Information You Want and Need

Get answers to your questions in our HELP section.

he system is simple and accessible to any Alstom Signaling customer:

  • View up-to-date part information.
  • Request for Quotes of as many parts at a time.
  • Receive quote information back via your preferred method of contact.
  • Key word search, part number search or partial information search is available.
  • Designed intuitive for even first-time users.
  • Instantly retrieve information on how to contact us.
  • Note that you can not place an order through this Catalog; You can only request for quotes.


We know that spares are essential to your equipment operation. We strive to make every step of materials management easier, faster, and cost effective.

At Alstom Signaling, we're listening to your requests, and responding to them. We welcome feedback and we incorporate customer suggestions to make the page even better and easier to use.  Contact Us!